Fish Springs is Carson Valley’s easternmost residential area where 700 residents live in the shadow of 9,413-foot high Mt. Siegel, monarch of the once gold-rich Pine Nut mountain range. It is a beautiful valley at an elevation of 5,000 feet and is secluded behind low-lying hills to the West, which enhances the ambiance of country living, even though it is just 10 driving minutes from downtown Gardnerville. Home prices range from mid $300,000 to well over $1,000,000.

Fish Springs has been a popular place to live for more than 40 years, which explains the wide diversity of style, size, age and technology incorporated into the homes built there. It is commonplace to see newer homes interspersed with older residences, which is indicative of areas growing one-home-at-a-time instead of many homes of similar size, age and appearance born of a subdivision.

Fish Springs is considered a “horsey” community, and parcel sizes of one acre, 2 acres and larger were originally established to accommodate livestock. The residents enjoy the luxury of not having to trailer their stock anywhere unless they want to, because folks in Fish Springs can just saddle up and ride! Residents living there don’t need horses to enjoy the western way of life. There always seems to be a wild horse herd that takes up residence in Fish Springs, and they’re sure to come visit. They are part of our colorful heritage around here and most folks enjoy them.

Fish Springs is a typical Nevada high mountain valley with an arid Steppe climate; four seasons, the possibility of light to heavy snow in winter, beautiful Springs, moderate Summer temperatures that may hover around 100 degrees for a few days in August, then always cooling nicely at night, and spectacular autumns when brilliant Fall colors compliment the blue Nevada sky. We enjoy about a 5 to 6 month growing season and Fish Springs is in the U.S. hardiness growing Zone 6 (-10 degrees to +51 degrees F.)

Although Fish Springs folks have to come to town for groceries and fuel, they are well-protected in emergency situations. They have their own fire department manned by well-trained men and women operating state-of the-art equipment, who can be augmented by all other engine companies and agencies in the area if ever needed. The Douglas County sheriff Department prides itself on its situational response time. Officers responding to a Fish Springs emergency generally have less than a 10-minute estimated time of arrival (ETA). Medical situations are met by one of the finest paramedical teams in America. They also have access to the resident Care Flight jet helicopter which can transport patients to a regional hospital from anywhere in the county within “the golden hour.”

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